Friends For Peace In Africa


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Friends for Peace in Africa

Accounting for post-war crimes in northern Uganda (Monitor)

After decades of life in overcrowded, disease-ridden camps, Ugandans return home to rebuild, without the help of the Ugandan government, which has finally admitted the policy of forced displacement, responsible for the deaths of thousands of men, women and especially children, was planned. PHOTO BY AVSI
New admissions of an intentional policy of forced displacement by Ugandan government officials has brought the issue back into focus. The Ugandan government's war strategy of crowding two million northern Ugandans into temporary camps  resulted in mass deaths from preventable, and treatable diseases.

Otunnu Welcomes US Congressional Directive on 2011 Ugandan Elections

PRESS RELEASE: Jan.13, 2010 Kampala, Washington

Mr. Olara A. Otunnu, former United Nations Under Secretary General and an opposition leader in Uganda, today welcomed the directive by the United States Congress to the US Secretary of State to closely monitor preparations for the 2011 Elections in Uganda.

Mr. Otunnu said, “I am delighted and applaud the US Congress for taking this decisive action in favour of free and fair elections in Uganda. This is a most welcome development.”


U.S. War on Terror Expands in East Africa

While the U.S. Congress can't agree on providing healthcare to its citizens, the deployment of U.S. soldiers in Africa is stepping up speed, as Senator Russ Feingold, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, pushes a bill forward which calls for the use of military force in apprehending the Lord's Resistance Army.


UNAA Northern Uganda Forum Video of the first session of the Northern Uganda forum at the recent UNAA convention held recently in Chicago features presentations and commentary from U.S.-based advocates for Uganda, non-profit Invisible Children's CEO and Ugandan government representatives, including Uganda's Ambassador to the UN Rukhana Rugunda.


Uganda sitting on AIDS time bomb

Evelyn Lirri | Kampala

Complacency, ignorance and indifference are reversing Uganda’s gains against the Aids epidemic, a senior government official warned yesterday. Dr Kihumuro Apuuli, who heads the Uganda Aids Commission, the government agency responsible for coordinating the fight against Aids, said the number of new HIV infections is “unacceptably high” and rising.

Ugandas new oil may cause crisis

Uganda's new oil may cause 'crisis'

Are we taking the situation in Uganda seriously enough?

Unresolved ethnic and regional issues, a government manoeuvring to ensure electoral victory, and confirmation that two billion barrels of oil lie beneath its western border with the Democratic Republic of Congo may prove to be an explosive combination.


$4 Million in Global Fund Aid Disappears, 17 Die

‘Shs8b GF money goes missing’

Monitor | Kikonyogo Ngatya | Kampala

The National Forum of People Living with HIV/Aids wants the government to explain the alleged disappearance of over $4.27 million (Shs8 billion) from the Global Fund that was gived to Uganda to buy anti retroviral drugs between October and December this year.